Dulcinée’s Bakery Inc.

Dulcinée’s Bakery Inc.

Dulcinée Patisserie has been created by two lovers of French Pastry. After more than ten years of experience in the Bakery Industry, spent in France, Asia and Africa, Roseline and Thomas decided to move to Ontario in 2017 and share their passion for pastry.

“Our Dulcinée”, Roseline, who trained under some of the best Chefs in France, is the head of our kitchen. Every day she meticulously bakes delicious products without any compromise to the finished product – offering you a magical gourmet experience.


Beverley’s Bakers

Since 1976 – We go back a ways! Our story began over 40 years ago when Beverley Max perfected her butter tarts with premium, quality ingredients.

“The ORIGINAL Homemade Butter Tart”

Our recipe is original and we’re sticking to it. We produce a delicious sweet pastry treat with a semi solid centre and slightly crunchy top. We use simple ingredients with no preservatives or additives.

Beverley’s Bakers creates handmade and artisanal brioches, cakes, tarts and savouries in the respect of the traditional ways.

Products / Brands

Butter Tarts

Rustic Tarts


Gourmet Brioche

Mini Brioche